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Need To Create A Sustainable Income?

Even though it’s possible to create a substantial income, working from home and becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur, we suggest that your first goal should be to earn a large enough bonus payment within your first month, to at least pay for your first autoship product order.

There is no better proof for a new home business entrepreneur, that this business actually works, and nothing more motivating, than receiving your first bonus payments and knowing that your next product order is fully paid for.

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Are You Looking For Leverage In Your Life?

This business can be an empowering vehicle to create the life of your dreams and to enjoy a leveraged income whether you work the business as a second income opportunity or as a full-time profession.

This is the fairest business model in our world today because anyone who’s willing to put in the effort required, can make it to the top earnings levels and ranks in this company.

The more involved you become with this company, the more you’ll realise that ASEA is very different from every other Network Marketing company in the industry because of its origin, culture and ethos.

Backed By A Decade Of Scientific Research

Almost all other companies in the industry were started from a desire to make money as the primary motivator and then they looked around for some suitable products. 

This company started with a scientific breakthrough and unique product based on more than a decade of research and after an investment of many millions of dollars. It was only after the product had been developed, tested in the marketplace and packaged for sale, that the decision was made to sell it through word of mouth advertising.


Want To Partner With Other People With Integrity, And Those That Nurture Ethics?

From the outset, ASEA was established as a legacy company built on a philosophy that embraces principle over profit and investment in people. It’s a company that continues to nurture a culture of ethics and integrity and through its Advancing Life Foundation, it does tremendous good by breaking the cycle of poverty, suffering and abuse throughout the world. 

To learn more about the early beginnings of ASEA, below are two great videos to watch.

The Bio-Tech Research Company Before It Became ASEA

Transformational Testimonial With Over 25+ Years Of Experience!

This 12 minute video is an interview with Marlin Toombs, who was involved with the original bio-tech research company back in 1991 before it was later transformed into what has now become ASEA. He shares his experiences navigating the FDA when the fledgling bio-tech was trying to go down the pharmaceutical route, acquiring 20+ patents, and his product experiences with his own health. Quite an amazing interview.

In 2017 Marlin Toombs was 86 years old. Ask yourself this: Does this man look, talk or act like a typical 86 year old person?

The Genesis of ASEA

This next video is about the Genesis of ASEA and the inspirational story of how the founders of ASEA chose PEOPLE over profits.

They chose to sell these breakthrough products through network marketing, person-to-person, rather than accepting a massive cheque from Big Pharma to buy them out and bury these life-changing and even life-saving products.

They chose to support the people who were enjoying transformational benefits by using the products, rather than taking the money and withdrawing the products from the marketplace.

3 Questions That Most People Ask...

Watch this video as Tracey answers these three questions from her personal experience and from the perspective of someone who’s been in the business for around 6 weeks:


Asea Redox and Renu28 are the first and only products in the world to contain Redox Signalling Molecules – molecules which are vital in the maintenance of our health.
Redox Signalling Molecules act as biological messengers that protect our cells, repair cell damage and trigger the regeneration of new cells.

Sadly, our levels of these molecules decline as we age and as a result of the toxicity in our environment. This rapid decline has been linked in thousands of studies to major diseases including cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, autoimmune, neurodegenerative, hormonal and many more.

There has never been a way to significantly increase our declining levels… Until now. 

Drinking ASEA REDOX™ daily can regulate your genes and keep your cells talking. 

ASEA Redox signalling molecules also work with nutrients the way a construction worker uses tools. Redox signalling molecules provide the “labour” that protects and rejuvenates cells, allowing nutrients from ASEA VIA™—the “materials” that nourish the body—to be absorbed.

Maximize your cellular health with ASEA VIA™, the pathway to complete, long-term wellness. The nutrients in this line of ASEA supplements deliver the nutritional foundation for true, complete cellular wellness.

In our quest for healthier-looking skin, we have an endless supply of products to choose from, from the affordable to the expensive, from the soothing to the superficial. In an industry flooded with skincare products, RENU 28™ stands alone.

RENU 28™ Skin Revitalizing Gel is revolutionizing the way we think about skin health. This is foundational skin care that starts in your cells.

Everyone is born with smooth, resilient skin. Your cells provide the “fingerprint” for this original beauty. Youthful skin renews itself consistently. Over time, healthy cell turnover slows dramatically.

The result is visibly aging skin. Your original, beautiful skin doesn’t need to be a thing of the past. ASEA has taken the best of science and nature to create RENU Advanced™.
This proprietary face care system provides all the benefits of redox signalling technology together with exclusive redox-friendly, anti-aging blends. Get your best skin back with RENU Advanced™.

Long-term health depends on proper nutrition. But even the most deliberate food choices may not give you the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Supplements can be a great way to fill in the gaps. ASEA VIA is what its name suggests: the pathway to complete, long-term wellness. The nutrients in this line of supplements deliver the nutritional foundation for true, complete wellness.

ASEA VIA Source™, a whole-food micronutrient complex
ASEA VIA Biome™, a full-spectrum probiotic
ASEA VIA LifeMax™, an active lifestyle and vitality formula
ASEA VIA Omega™, a native heart and brain complex

Each product in the ASEA VIA™ line contains a unique and proprietary complex of nutrients, specially formulated to maximize your nutritional benefits.

RENU 28 encourages the natural strength and resiliency of your skin by providing native Redox Signaling molecules in a safe, simple and natural approach to true skin health. With daily application of RENU 28, you’re giving your skin rejuvenating redox signalling molecules that improve your skin at the cellular level. No matter what your trouble spots or skin conditions may be, whether it’s unevenness or dryness or fine lines — and no matter where on the body they are — RENU 28 can help.

RENU 28 provides a patent-protected, simple and natural approach to skin health by providing the skin with native redox signalling molecules. These molecules are key to the health of skin cells and in fundamental processes such as cellular communication. There is no other skin product in the world that contains these molecules and addresses skin health in such a unique and natural way.

Unlike most of today’s skin care products; RENU 28 only contains four ingredients, water, sodium magnesium fluorosilicate, monosodium phosphate, and sodium chloride.

No, RENU 28 is a topical product only and is not formulated to be consumed.

RENU 28 is free from ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, pore-blocking petrochemicals, synthetic colors, animal ingredients, parabens or other potential irritants, and so is particularly suitable for children. If your child has any particular allergies or skin conditions, you should first consult your general practitioner

Yes. The product has gone through both 72-hour patch testing and 28-day group testing and found to have no allergic or inflammatory reactions. As a result of these findings, Dermatest®, one of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world, awarded RENU 28 its coveted 5-star clinically tested seal

RENU 28 is completely artificial fragrance and dye free

Individual results will vary. Some users see results within days, while others in several months. We recommend a continued use of RENU 28 for optimal results.

Dermatest, one of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world, found in RENU 28 clinical trials:

  • An average decrease in eye wrinkle depth of 21%
  • Improvement in overall wrinkles of 23%
  • Improvement in facial skin texture of 22%
  • An increase of 23% in the smoothness of skin
  • An increase of 20% in skin elasticity
  • Skin moisture showed an average increase of 11%

All skin types and ages can benefit from RENU 28. Whether you are looking to achieve smoother skin, wrinkle reduction, more balanced skin tone or you are looking for an anti-aging product; RENU 28 has been clinically shown to provide significant positive results

No, RENU 28 has never been tested on animals. All clinical testing performed was on humans by licensed medical doctors at certified facilities

While RENU 28 is proven safe and effective, we recommend that pregnant or nursing mothers speak with a physician if they have any concerns or additional questions

No, RENU 28 is paraben-free

The shelf life of RENU 28 is 12 months from the date of manufacture

Store RENU 28 should at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

No, it can be used on any part of the skin.

You can apply RENU 28 as often as desired; we recommend that RENU 28 be applied at least twice daily.

Yes. There should be no impact on efficacy. We recommend you use RENU 28 before any other lotions, moisturizers, muscle balms or colour cosmetics. If you have concerns, you may want to test a small area with both products to see if there is any reaction to the combination.

Redox Signalling Questions and Answers

Redox signalling molecules are created within every cell of the body and act as cellular message carriers, helping to protect, rejuvenate and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

Cellular communication is important for overall cellular health. It ensures that messages are delivered and received in a timely manner to continue cell production and repair.

As we age, and as stress and environmental toxins inundate our lives and weaken our defences, normal cellular function declines, and with it, the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox signalling molecules.

Yes, each of our bodies is different and has specific needs. With the proper nutrition, exercise and supplements, you can restore and maintain the optimal level of redox signaling molecules, helping you feel more energized and healthier longer. If you’re unsure of your health status, have multiple health problems or are pregnant, speak with your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen. Working with your doctor ahead of time is a good way to determine a program that’s right for you.

The body is continuously producing redox signalling molecules, but these molecules aren’t made in the same volume and can be less effective as we get older. Taking redox signalling molecules won’t reduce the amount your body naturally produces.
Yes, ASEA patented the process and has made it available in two forms – ASEA Redox Supplement and RENU 28. There are several U.S. Government patents pending for ASEA related to its core technology.
Redox signalling technology has not been evaluated by the FDA. However, ASEA manufacturing is FDA registered, NSF certified and meets all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). NSF International’s GMP Registration Program enables manufacturers to become independently registered by NSF to meet GMP requirements. The program is open to manufacturers of dietary supplements who want to demonstrate their commitment to public safety. These GMP requirements are listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173 which is the only accredited American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 111.
Yes, more than 10,000 peer-reviewed papers have been written about it—there is even a scientific journal dedicated to its study. Do a simple search on Google Scholar ( for the term redox signalling to view some of the recent research being conducted in the field of redox signalling science.

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What Are Your Primary Health Goals?

  • Healing from disease, injury or pain
  • Disease prevention, stronger immune system
  • Anti-ageing and longevity
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Better quality of life: more energy, vitality, mental clarity, better sleep
  • Beauty and cosmetic enhancement

Here’s a great video on how to use the ASEA beverage and the RENU28 Gel and how ASEA’s Redox Signaling Molecules work in and on our cells as explained by Dr David Silverman

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