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Founded On Nobel Prize Winning Research

The company’s products are founded on a new body of science called Signalling Molecules which was only discovered 22 years ago when 3 scientists were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1998 for their work in discovering signalling molecules.

Since then, 6 more Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work in this area and Cellular Communication is now becoming the fastest growing area of medical research.

This game-changing bio-tech technology is most likely not something you’ve come across before, and it’s NOT something you’ll have in your cupboard already.

Redox Molecules: Nobel Prize Laureate

Are You A Walking Time Bomb?

Most people are walking time bombs and they don’t even know it. (including most doctors, scientists and health practitioners!)

Prior to the discovery of signalling molecules in 1998, scientists had believed these molecules were simply a by-product of cellular function without much significance.

We now know that these signalling molecules are actually ESSENTIAL TO LIFE and without them we would die in minutes, however less than 1% of people are aware of signalling molecules and why they are so important to their good health.

The problem for us is that from puberty, the production of our signalling molecules declines by 10% for every decade that we are alive and these signalling molecules are the communication vehicle for our cells to communicate with each other effectively. These signalling molecules are floating in an organic saline solution in the cells of our bodies.

What this means is that a person between 50 and 60 years of age only has around half of the cells in their body working efficiently and effectively.

This means that rogue cells and disease can take hold in our bodies more easily as we age and because of other stresses and environmental factors in our lives.

5 Key Areas Of Benefits

"Every cell in our body needs Signalling Molecules for communication purposes. The more balanced they are, the more abundant they are, the healthier we are. Without Signalling Molecules we would die in minutes. They help our cells to protect, repair and replace themselves and when the cells do this at optimum levels we enjoy good health."

Dr. Robertson Ward, MD, Family Medicine Doctor

These Products Are Not:

Our product range is not available in retail shops. Instead, these unique products are distributed by many thousands of individual team-building business owners around the world.

Watch This Video to see Dr Wayne (Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Naturopath, Herbalist, & Nutrition Practitioner) explain the benefits of taking signalling molecules to you.

The ONLY Solution For You Is Now Readily Available

Until about 10 years ago, scientists thought it was impossible to create these signalling molecules outside of the body.

Fortunately, there’s ONE company in the world that is stabilising and producing signalling molecules through their heavily patented technology.

With the help of their unique products, you can now replenish the signalling molecules in your body and enjoy re-invigorated good health.

We can show you how to access these unique and highly sought-after signalling molecules to restore your body to good health.

When you replenish the Signalling Molecules in your body, vitamins, minerals, supplements, anti-oxidants and nutrient rich foods, are more easily absorbed and become more effective, because more of your cells are working effectively once again.

Ok, So Is It Worth It?

Many stay-at-home mums and dads find this an ideal part-time, team-building business which fits around their busy family schedule.

Likewise, burnt out executives, professionals, practitioners and business owners often become involved in this exciting lifestyle business because they are looking to escape the day-to-day rat race and reclaim their time, so they can spend more time with loved ones.

They also want to create an additional income stream to provide more security for themselves and their families.

Some people are happy earning an extra $500 a month (or just earning enough to cover their product purchases) … whereas others want to earn a lot more.

It just depends on how much time you want to devote to building your business.

Some people have turned their part-time distribution business into a substantial residual income stream earning tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Wouldn't It Be Great?

Well that is definitely possible with your home-based team building business.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had all the time and money to do the things you want:

Here are some actual examples of people earning good money in their own business at various levels of achievement:

The Potential...

If you do the math, you’ll see that people at the Ambassador Triple Diamond level are earning more than $1 million a year. There are quite a few people that are at higher levels, earning significantly more. So, the income potential is HUGE.

When you stop and think about it, that’s more than the President of the USA earns in salary per year.

And what’s even more amazing is that Malcolm has achieved that earnings level after just 4 years of building his business!

Having said that however, we’re not going to promise you that you will earn that sort of money or any money at all. That will depend entirely on how much effort you are willing to put in and only you know that.

Non-Toxic - Scientific Breakthrough

"Is There Anything You Can Do To Get To The Root Cause Of Your Health Challenges And To Help Your Body Heal Itself? YES, There Is...And The Best Part Is, It's Non-Toxic And Native To The Body.

Dr Wayne: Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
Leading Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutrition Practitioner

You’ll Benefit In Other Ways As Well

It’s one thing to create a wonderful life of abundance and freedom for yourself and your family. It’s another thing altogether to inspire, teach and help someone else to do the same. There are so many people struggling and battling their way through life every day.

You have the vehicle and the opportunity to help people see a bigger picture for themselves. You can give them hope and belief by being an example of what’s possible. You can encourage them to follow their dreams. You can inspire and encourage them to face and overcome their fears.

With this business you can make a difference to hundreds – if not thousands – of people.

The Places You’ll See

When you build a large and successful team building business, you’ll soon find that:

The Person You’ll Become

Through your involvement in this profession you’ll:

The greatest benefit of being involved with this profession isn’t in getting what you want. The greatest benefit for you is becoming the person you need to be in order to get what you want. Your personal growth journey will be your greatest benefit – far beyond any financial riches you create.

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